Our Eagle

The Kansas City Auburn Club has adopted a golden eagle that is under the care of Operation WildLife here in the Kansas City Metro area. Operation WildLife ( www.owl-online.org ) is a non-profit organization that acts as advocates for wildlife, provides professional rehabilitation services for injured and orphaned wild animals, and conducts wildlife education for the citizens of northeast Kansas and northwest Missouri. OWL is the largest publicly-funded wildlife clinic in Kansas and is dedicated to returning healthy, untamed animals to the wild.

War Eagle KC, or Goldie, is a female eagle who is a permanent resident at OWL. She is approximately 15 years old, weighs 17 pounds, is 3 feet tall, and has a wing span of 7 1/2 feet. She was found in Wyoming over 10 years ago and suffers from lead poisoning. The poisoning has impaired the vision in her right eye and damaged nerves in her tail feathers. The permanent injury keeps her from reaching altitudes of over 15 feet, and prevents her from hunting. She now spends her days providing educational programming, teaching people in the Kansas City area about birds like herself. Over 125,000 people per year view her and learn about her story.

In adopting War Eagle KC, the Kansas City Auburn Club has dedicated themselves to help in raising part of the $100/month it costs to pay for her care and feeding.

If you would like to support Operation Wildlife, you can do so through iGive.

Operation WildLife is a publicly supported organization. OWL does not receive funding from city or federal agencies or governments for operating expenses. OWL is a not-for-profit organization with 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(1) status. Donations are tax deductible.